Keeping up with digital marketing is not as easy as it seems. Our globalized world is constantly changing and what seemed to be the new trend last year is no longer functional this year. It doesn’t matter what type of business you own, these features will help all companies if used properly. Some of the greatest marketing trends for this 2015 are listed below.

1. Facebook Audience feature
The new Facebook feature is the latest advertising podium for businesses and corporations providing those services/products you need. The audience feature allows companies to upload their contact lists in order to target clients directly or create a similar audience to target customers that are alike to their current client base.

2. Instagram Video Advertising
Instagram, the most popular picture based social network site with millions of users, just released a new in-feed video advertising. Now businesses can pay in order to have video ads appearing to active users based on precise characteristics such as age, gender, geographic location and interests.

3. Buy Buttons from Facebook and Twitter
The new buy buttons from Facebook and Twitter will appear along with status updates and tweets and will give users the capacity to make acquisitions without leaving the website. The greatest benefit to commerce owners is the ability to recover tangible revenue statistics for social media determinations.

4. Twitter’s Search Engine
The dominant Twitter search engine will allow people to search through every Tweet posted. Now you have to pay more attention in the way in which your Tweets are arranged. The proper use of hashtags, images and links will determine how high your Tweets show up in search results. Remember that using the right keywords in your Tweets needs to be reflected.

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