How to Handle Negative Online Reviews

How to Handle Negative Online Reviews

Even though companies provide the best possible services in order to ensure complete customer satisfaction, every client is different and not all of us will be pleased with a certain product or service than other people probably will. Negative comments regarding your small business actually hurt your customer base as well as your profits.

You may think this is not a big deal, but trust me; destructive reviews can cause a great damage to your company in the long term, especially if they’re not dealt suitably. Are you wondering how to handle negative online reviews? If that’s the case, let me give you some helpful tips that will take away the stress on your shoulders.

1. Be polite with your answer
Whether comments are on your social networks or official website, the right thing to do when facing negative reviews is answering them. Customers are not only the ones who can post their personal opinions; businesses can to do it too. It’s significant to remember to be professional and caring when replying to negative comments. Let your clients know that you’ll be able to fix the problem at no cost and promptly. Put yourself in their feet and analyze what would you want to hear if you were them.

2. Make sure it is a reliable comment
Sometimes comments are real, but there are some cases where they were made up. You need to be careful here. If the review was written through any of the social media channels, go to the person’s profile and check if it’s factual. Bad competitors tend to post in order to make the other company look bad. If you have researched the source of the comment and found out it is fake, don’t even bother answering the review and delete it.

3. Try to fix the problem
What you need to do now is make your reviewers change their minds regarding the product or service they didn’t like nor had problems with. After your kind response, try to give an incentive such as a discount or an additional product/service for their next purchase. Customers will appreciate the time you are taking to provide a better solution for their problems and will probably give you a second chance.

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